Monday, April 19, 2010


Of course it is only a play on words, however, I'd much rather tell people that I'm on funemployment, than say, um, unemployment. It sounds much nicer, doesn't it? And I really like the reaction I get when people ask what I do...'I'm on funemployment.' They smirk (and sometimes giggle) and ask, 'oh, and what is that?'. Then I get to tell them how wonderful my life is. Well, how wonderful my life is, without work.

I do not take bubble baths, while drinking mimosas, followed by long walks on the beach with my canine companion (although some may beg to differ). I do stuff. Lots of stuff. And that is precisely what my blog is about: a day (well, many days) in the life of funemployed ME.


  1. She's lying about the bubble baths and mimosas. Don't let this one fool you.

  2. i just try to limit them. two bubble baths a week, with three mimosas at each.