Saturday, May 15, 2010

day one: organization (baby steps).

Okay, so the challenge is set. The deadline is in place. And now, I need to get organized. What I really mean by this is I need to turn my giant, oversized closet (aka. our spare bedroom) into my creating space.

Step one: get rid of old clothes and take to Goodwill. Check and check.

Step two: de-trash, de-clutter and de-furnish (only the useless furniture, of course). Check, check and CHECK.

Step three: set up SEWING MACHINE. CHECK.

Step four: sit back and adoringly compare the before and after. 


This is a good start, right? I know it looks as baron and uninspiring as a sweatshop, but that won’t last. I plan to visit my mother’s flea market (err, I mean basement) this weekend (remember, I’m on a very TIGHT budget), so before long, the d├ęcor will be plentiful.

Next stop: FABRIC STORE (well, first my mom's pseudo-flea market and THEN to the fabric store I will go). 

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  1. Very excited about this post!!!! Can't wait to see some merchandise and then find out exactly what I need to do to get some stuff up on etsy!