Tuesday, May 11, 2010

my thumb is black.

It's also what many people refer to as a 'hammer thumb', BUT, that is a another story for a another day.

Black generally signifies death, right? Well, my thumb pretty much does too, when it comes to gardening, anyways. I kill all plants. It is not intentional, though. It's completely inevitable. 

So, this is the year, where my black thumb TURNS GREEN. I have plans, BIG plans for my immense garden. But first, I have done some [much needed] research.

The first of my problems relates to the absurd amount of weeds that have overtaken the flower beds, which once a upon a time (aka. before we lived here!), looked quite beautiful. In light of being eco-friendly and saving my grass-, weed-, flower-eating canine from a terribly upset stomach, these tips will hopefully become my life savers...

4 Eco-Friendly Ways to Kill Weeds

So, what caught my eye about this article? I don't know, but maybe the question, 'If your backyard is beginning to look like a wilderness campground, it may be time to get rid of the weeds.' Yes, I think it is time. And for the record, both my front and backyards are beginning to look like said wilderness campground.

My next problem: CHIVES. I have wild chives growing in my backyard. I can't rake without crying. I can't cut the grass without PUKING (over the awful B.O. stench). Based on my research, these are, apparently, just weeds, so I'm assuming they can be handled the same way as the rest of the weeds. Keep your fingers crossed.

As soon as I can get my problem areas tackled, I can get to the fun part: color (flowers) and herbs and veggies. And the goal here: DO NOT KILL.

Check back for my progress. I'm thinking Friday will be THE DAY THAT I TRANSFORM MY YARD.

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  1. Nice! Love this post...after all the work we've been doing in our garden it's nice to hear someone else is going through similar trials and tribulations. :) Cheers to a fabulous garden when you're done!