Monday, June 7, 2010

and...I'M BACK.

Well, hello there. I am greatly sorry for my two-week hiatus (or longer), but not that you really care (I understand that my dinky little blog isn't really at the top of your to-do lists each day, although it would be really cool if it was). I promise not to leave you for that long again. It's one of those things, like going to the gym, that once you stop, it's very easy to continue stopping. Like, when I stopped writing in my blog, I also took a gym hiatus, and well, I haven't been back since.

So time for blogging and gymming starts up AGAIN, today. I swear.

In light of wedding season, and wearing all different dresses that require all different purses, clutches, etc., today I will be sewing a clutch. A simple clutch, that can be made and remade in all different colors. Because I, for one, have some crazy colored dresses to wear this summer.

See you soon.


your favorite blog-author - Dena

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