Friday, March 18, 2011

glorious friday: ReStore your glory.

It's Friday. At last. Good god, it seemed like this week would never end! Maybe because I drank too much Guinness last night, or maybe because I'm so excited for my weekend plans.

This weekend, I have some major plans. Major housework plans. And to start it off right, I have planned a little visit to ReStore.

Oh, you ask what ReStore is? I'm a bit hesitant to tell my secret, but I suppose you're all worth it [of course you are].

ReStore is a program run by Habitat For Humanity, where building materials are sold at discount prices. The proceeds benefit the local program, helping to build homes in the Southeastern, CT area. So, win, win, right? I think so.

You can even check out the current listings here on Craigslist

To see ReStore locations in your area, click here.

I am hoping the light blue, vintage stove is still in stock from the last time I was there. I may be ready to take the plunge.

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