Thursday, March 10, 2011

[HOH Etsy Finds]: Vintage Gems

Etsy is a fabulous resource. I think we'd all agree. But sometimes, when you're looking through pages and pages [and PAGES] of items, it's a little exhausting. Personally, I end up shopping at the same few stores, because it's just so much easier.

So, to ease your mind, we're here to provide YOU with our picks for the week. Below are a handful of stores where you will, without fail, hit a home run.

We started with Vintage.

Oh, and here's the other thing...Affordability. duh. These stores are FABULOUS and AFFORDABLE.

Bellalulu Vintage, where you can find interesting knick-knacks, as well as lanterns and lamps like this...

And quirky, but OH-SO-COOL, wire bowl (if that's even what you can call it)...

This next store, although a little less boutique, has a TREMENDOUS amount of incredible finds.

Amy Kristine Vintage

Totally loving this 'ir'/bird sign.

So classic.

And, we've got another. This one, ALL EYEWEAR. LuxEyes is pretty damn awesome. I've been feeling like I might need glasses soon. Maybe I can convince my doctor JUST so I can buy a sweet pair of frames from this store.

My fave? These bausch and lomb beauties.

Up next: TheVintageParlor.

OMG (I freaking hate that phrase, but nothing else could represent my excitement over these BABY SHOES).

I. am. MELTING. and. you. will. TOO.

And the last one of the day. It may not fit into the SUPER affordable category, but it is SUPER shoppable and that always wins major kudos in my book, especially with vintage. The photos are clean and the items really sell themselves.


I love this.

So, that does it for now. Next week, I'm dreaming of handmade jewelry.

See you soon,

your girls from House of Her

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