Thursday, April 7, 2011

[HOH Events]: Photos of a Baby Shower

Hi darling readers.

So, we're obviously back in our creative swing [we knew it wouldn't last forever!]. And. I'm back with photos from my sister's darling baby shower.

This is Jaclyn [and her baby bump].

She's ready to pop. Any day now. She's so cute, isn't she?

Anywho. So, you know the guest of honor [and that's me and my hysterical cousin, Diane, in the background], now let me introduce you to her incredible baby shower.

There was no specific color scheme for the day. Without knowing the sex of the baby just yet, we didn't focus on pinks and purples or blues and greens. We focused on color. With these homemade tissue paper pom poms...

We placed the pizzas at varying heights and decorated the tables with LOADS of tulips, in a sea of tulle. And when the pizza was finished, we swapped in the desserts, perfected with two AWESOME cakes...

My homemade carrot cake.

And the super-adorbs professional cake.

That's all we have for now. I'll be back with photos of our new family addition, as soon as possible!

Love yas!

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