Friday, April 8, 2011

[HOH Glorious Friday]: Sewing Lessons

Unlike pretty much everyone I know, I never took sewing class in high school. I can't sew a button, fix a hem, or mend a hole - it's pathetic. So, for this past Christmas, my charming husband fulfilled all of my domestic goddess fantasies and bought me a sewing machine!

[It remains to this day in its original packing, in our basement... sigh.]

Since our fair Dena is a master of the stitch, I've conned her into giving me a lesson or two and we're finally getting around to making it happen THIS WEEKEND! First project: pillow slip covers for my living room, with some GORGEOUS fabric we found on a recent road trip to Philly.

Combined with perhaps some Chinese takeout and a beer or two, we're set for a fabulous Friday night - can't wait to share the results!

Happy Weekend!

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