Thursday, April 28, 2011

[House Favorite]: ONE.

Well, here we are, at numero uno. Hope the suspense hasn't been killing you too much!
I guess you could say that we really just wanted to find a way to get these particular items up on the blog, and concocted the whole 'countdown' idea as a way of covering up our unabashed show-off-iness. Nevertheless, we hope you have enjoyed these mini house tours - we are working on a few more ideas for the near future.


Here is my farm table [yes, I know, D beat me to it].

I had been longing for one of these for quite some time. I looked high and low, here and there, and most of it just wasn't quite right, and if it was quite right it was waaaay too expensive.

[Set by husband for Valentine's]

And so, there I was, casually browsing through posts of similar style tables on craigslist in class one night when my friend Elisabeth looked over and the following conversation occurred;
'oh, you're in the market for one of those tables? my father-in-law builds them.'
'...builds them?'
'yes, builds them - from reclaimed antique wood - custom - to your liking'.

[Assorted chairs - no more than $15/each purchased from the flea market, recovered in fabric also bought at the flea market]

A few easy-breezy emails later and the rest is history... We had 12 for Thanksgiving dinner and it was as if all of my wildest dreams were being realized at once. Heaven.

My turn [boldly says Dena]

I'm so excited. My favorite item [this week, anyway] is a GORGEOUS GOLD mid-century modern lamp. Originally located in the corner of my in-law's living room, I've had my eye on this gem for quite a while. 

It's always been one of those items that I've had an unreasonable attraction to, but have never quite come to terms with this attraction. With a fairly newfound affinity to mid-century modern decor, one day I finally came to terms with my undying love. And I got up the gall to start a casual conversation about the lamp [knowing, in the back of my mind, that if I told my mother-in-law I loved it, there was a VERY big chance she'd offer it up]. The conversation went something like this, 

ME: You know, I REALLY love that gold lamp.
MIL [Mother-in-law]: Oh, really? My husband hates it. He calls it the octupus. 
ME: I've decided that I really think it's super cool.
MIL: That's great! Do you want it? 
ME: Oh, no, I couldn't take it [really, though, I could].
MIL: Of course!!
ME: Okay! I'll trade you a lamp for it [it didn't take much convincing]. 

Now, it's mine. All mine. 

So, there it sits, behind my love seat, where I occasionally bump my head on it [but that's completely fine with me]. The love remains and I'm certain it always will. 

We hope you enjoyed our little countdown. 

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