Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Interweb Inspiration: Bathroom Makeover ideas.

The interweb is a funny place. Social networking, perhaps even funnier. And I guess by 'funny', what I really mean is that there's just so much you can do there. The possibilities are endless. And. how did we get here?

Who would have thought, back from the days when AOL first came out (although my family cheaped out with Prodigy) and the 'world wide web' was a scary, unknown territory, that we'd soon have something called FACEBOOK. And dating would be commenced online? It's no longer used just for games. It's used for EVERY answer to EVERY question you have. Medical questions, history questions, decorating questions. You name it; the interweb's got it.

For me, inspiration is one of the best things I have found, to date, on the interweb. I can get inspired about recipes; inspired about clothing and best of all, inspired about DECORATING MY HOUSE.

There are SO many resources and my recent fave: PINTEREST. It's incredible. It's like an enormous collection of all things pretty. Well, that's actually what it is.

Although my kitchen is still underway (photos to come, but not until it's complete!), my next project is my bathroom. Currently, the walls are yellow but it's majorly lacking character. I've thought about bringing in some black.


God, I love the interweb. What are your favorite inspiration sites? 

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