Thursday, May 26, 2011

Jewelry making

So I've been spending some time creating jewelry lately. Namely earrings. And I must tell you, It's been very therapeutic. I've been saying for, [let's just say] a while, that I'll open a store on Etsy and I haven't quite gotten there, BUT, my inventory is growing, so perhaps in the near future?

Anywho. On to the real stuff [enough of my chitter-chatter]. What do I make and how do I make it? I hammer metal. My mother took a class a few years back and she taught me and now, it's my preferred method of jewelry creation [it does let out a bit of aggression as well].

So, I start with wire.

And I cut the wire [and shape it].

Oh, and these are my tools. My wire cutters. My hammer. And my wire shaper.

So after shaping the wire, I hammer it.

So that it looks like so.

And then I play with different beads and different ear wires. And make a variety of different styles.

See here. 

And here.

My earrings are for sale at Pinc! in Downtown New London. Visit awesome store owner Kim Pettey!!!

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