Thursday, May 12, 2011

An Ode to Dena

I've been nonstop studying for the last few weeks - every spare moment spent reviewing the Chevron 2-Step, Article III of the Constitution, and Miranda warnings. No time for fun, or sleep, or eating. No time for House of Her.

And so, I write today to honor my incredible friend Dena, who has so gracefully picked up my sorry-ass slack and kept motoring through while I mostly just complained and collapsed into a miserable pile of law school crap.

Dena, you are a rockstar friend.

Thank you for listening to my bitchy rants, for truly appreciating and understanding my obsession with old linen napkins and antique glassware, for encouraging me to freaking relax about the dogs running all over the house and jumping on my furniture, for calling me out when I'm being patently unreasonable or totally ceits...

Thank you for letting me be a part of your fabulous House of Her - I'm honored that you maybe, possibly think I'm equal to the task.

Besides being leaps and bounds cooler than me, you've got style, you're smart, you're fun, and I all around just... love you.

The fact that this [albeit awesome] picture is the only one I have of us is pretty pathetic. Let's put 'having a normal picture taken of us' on our list of priorities.

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