Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Weekend Getaway: Provincetown, Cape Cod

P-Town, as it's so affectionately known, holds a special place in my heart [honeymoon location]. That subjectivity aside, it's a perfect weekend getaway destination. A relatively easy 3 hour drive from New London, it's close enough to be accessible on a whim, and far enough away that you're still 'on vacation'. If you're lucky enough to find yourself headed that way, here are a few of my personal (tried + true) favorites:


Inexpensive (as it goes in any seaside destination township), and quite tasty to boot. Very vibrant late-night crowd.

Excellent, excellent, excellent food. Simple yet creative and accompanied by an impressive beer selection. Bartenders that can shuck oysters are a definite plus.

Perfect stop for a divine breakfast sandwich or any one of their perfect, authentic Portuguese pastries.

Epic happy hour - $1 oysters and clams. We order ours by the dozen!


Perhaps a little heavy on the 'enchanted fairy' factor at first blush, but this shop is home to some of the most unique home accessories I've ever seen. Totally affordable, and the owners are just to die for if you know what I mean.

More unique finds for the home with a gothic-meets-nautical aesthetic. A bit pricey, but worth every penny!

Your typical selection of conch shells and shark teeth, but also some really unique ocean artifacts if you're into that sort of thing.

No words necessary.


The darkest bar I've ever had the privilege of drinking in. This has it's benefits, especially as the hours pass.

Impressive beer selection and talented bartenders makes for a fun afternoon of trying some new things.

Uh, Squealing Pig (again)
Great atmosphere makes it easy to stay looooooong after you've finished your meal -
maybe even long enough to eat the next one there too.

Provincetown is full of fun things to do - a diverse offering of art, lots of cute shops (some budget friendly, some notsomuch), tons of fantastic dining options, nice stretches of beach, and all sorts of other nooks and crannies that are fun to get lost in for an hour or so. Whether you plan a day trip or a week-long getaway you can't go wrong; as the saying goes - If you're lucky enough to be in P-Town, you're lucky enough.

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