Thursday, June 2, 2011

Taxidermy. And Faux Taxidermy. AS ART.

I have a bit of an fascination with taxidermy. You know, 'the act of mounting or reproducing dead animals for display' [says Wikipedia]. It's not technically the 'act' of the 'mounting' that I'm interested in, though. I'm more interested in the finished product. Or, really, the idea of seeing a dead animal hanging on the wall. And by 'dead', what I really mean is preserved and beautiful. That was a little long-winded [my apologies]. I think it's very interesting, as a form of art, when used in the correct room or setting.

I mean, how perfect do these deer look? The animal printed textiles make it. And the cricket print? These people are really obsessed, huh?

How about this bird sanctuary. Can you really look at this and say, in completely honesty, that you don't want an owl displayed in your house/apartment/condo?

So what if you have quite found the right spot in your home? Or, maybe you don't have the right space for a taxidermic display.

Well. We've got options for you. 

There's quite a selection over at Williams-Sonoma...

Urban Outfitters has a couple of options. 

For a measly $98 [or so measly when compared to the real stuff], the Deer Trophy Wall Sculpture is perfect.

And, for a slightly lower price and drastically different look, check out the Giant Cardboard Taxidermy, for $52.

And never, ever forget Etsy! Check out this AWESOME orange Moosehead for $125. 

So, there you have it. Faux Taxidermy, at it's finest. I still swear, when I find the right space, I'll have a deer hanging on my wall. Beware. Until then, I'll stick to the fake stuff.


  1. i absolutely love this new, fun trend of faux taxidermy! i have a faux moose, deer, ram, rhino and elephant in my living room and i adore them!!

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