Monday, July 19, 2010

get some bang for your buck.

BUY INEXPENSIVE FABRIC (and things of the like)!

Last week, after a nice, but sourly-ending visit at my friend's house (sourly because my dog escaped their backyard and proceeded to run rampidly around a neighbor's yard, which had stray cats, 'no trespassing' and 'beware of dog' signs, in the POURING rain), I made a quick stop at 'Affordable Fabrics'. The fabric store where everything, and I mean, EVERYTHING, costs $1.99/yd.

How fantastic is that? Of course finding valuable, quality pieces requires some digging, but it is SO worth it. I bought a LOT for a little. 

All this (it's about 3 yards each) for only $18.00...


I tend to get a little carried away when I'm buying things on the cheap. But last Wednesday, I showed some composure. I was in and out of the store (said dog, soiled and dirty, was waiting for me in the car) in about ten minutes. I kept my eye on the price (did not buy just to buy, like I often do). And I have ideas in mind for each fabric. I have my mother to thank for teaching me the art of bargain shopping at a young age.

So, ever in Uncasville, CT and in need of some interesting, inexpensive fabrics (or ribbons, etc)? visit Affordable Fabrics!!! Make sure to stay composed, though.  

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