Thursday, April 22, 2010

project funway.

Today I made a dress. Actually, scratch that. Today, I finished making a dress.

I should probably start at the beginning, though.

I went to the Jewett City flea market a few weeks ago and well, I was like a kid in a candy store. The place is PHENOMENAL.

Although I could digress for days and days about the endless treasures that you are SURE to find, should you visit the good old town of Jewett City, but I won't. The point is: I bought fabric from the Fabric Lady. I probably got a total of fifteen yards, for approximately thirteen dollars. Good stuff too: retro prints, beach-y stripes, thick fabrics for re-upholstering. A dressmaker's (or someone hoping to gain that title, like little 'ole me) PARADISE.

So, come Monday morning, there I sat, in front of my sewing machine, with a few spools of thread, a racing mind (full of ideas that my hands could not comprehend) and some AMAZING fabric...

Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum would be proud (I hope). Look at what my [rather uncoordinated] hands produced!

I mean, I know it didn't take an expert to sew this, but I am pretty damn happy with the results. And I will be wearing it as soon as possible.

So, I'd like to send out some thank yous here, for aiding in my creativity. First, and foremost, THE FABRIC LADY (duh), Jeanette Holliday and Victoria Mueller (for introducing me to the flea market. this is both a good thing and a VERY bad thing) and my wonderful husband for making this all possible, by supplying me with a sewing machine! I guess I could also thank the state of Connecticut for providing me with the ten dollars needed for buying all the fabric and thread from said, fabric lady, as well. So, thanks Jodi Rell.

Monday, April 19, 2010


I started my morning off right. I woke up early, brewed some uber strong coffee, made my husband's lunch (just one of the many useful things that I do while funemployed), and headed to the beach (purely for the purpose of exercise) for a quick game of fetch with Maybel.

And then...the morning made history. There it stood, as if a light shone down on it from the heavens.

Perhaps it looks like a piece of glorified driftwood, but to me, it was (and still is) a gem. Albeit after a chipped nail, a bruised shin and undeniably exhausted arms, it is ALL mine.        

I will keep you posted with the finished product. I'm thinking stool...


Of course it is only a play on words, however, I'd much rather tell people that I'm on funemployment, than say, um, unemployment. It sounds much nicer, doesn't it? And I really like the reaction I get when people ask what I do...'I'm on funemployment.' They smirk (and sometimes giggle) and ask, 'oh, and what is that?'. Then I get to tell them how wonderful my life is. Well, how wonderful my life is, without work.

I do not take bubble baths, while drinking mimosas, followed by long walks on the beach with my canine companion (although some may beg to differ). I do stuff. Lots of stuff. And that is precisely what my blog is about: a day (well, many days) in the life of funemployed ME.