Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Is your Thumb Black [like mine]?

My thumb is black. So, if you're like me and that short, slightly fatter finger on each of your hands is not-so-very-green, then you should heed this advice. Carefully.

It's sure great to learn new things and don't worry earth, my attempt at getting you to cooperate is NOT over. But, I've decided [with a little persuasion from the wise mother] that this year, my flowers will flourish and they'll glow and be bright with life [not death like they have in been in previous years].

Do you know what this takes? LITTLE [to no] INTERFERENCE.

Here's what I decided to do. I canned the window boxes [although this breaks my heart just a little] and I bought two gorgeous, full hangers for the front steps.

Exhibit A.

For the back porch, I did all my regular herbs [they seem to like me just a little bit], but, for lack of space, until a larger house, with a larger yard happens upon my travels, I had to, sadly, can the veggies as well. But, I purchased some more pretty pretty flowers.

Exhibit B and C.

I've made a decision. when I'm at the store, driving past a garden center or nursery, etc., I'm going to pick up more plants. A few here. A few there. and soon, my back porch will be a garden haven. That's the goal anyways. And then I'll be back with more [photos].

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