Friday, May 14, 2010

operation: starting an etsy shop on a [VERY tight] budget.

You all know that I have quite a bit of time on my hands, right? But, have I told you that I dream of being self-employed? Well, I do (along with half the world, I'm sure). Unrealistic, definitely. Doable? possibly. Does that make sense? not sure.

Well, I'm going to try. My first mission is to create an Etsy shop (my second mission will be to make a *successful* Etsy shop, but one step at a time, ladies and gents). My deadline: September 1st. And, here on my blog, I plan to chronicle my headaches, triumphs, obstacles and victories, in a very Julie Powell-esque-inspired manner. As in, if I could achieve the fame that she did for mastering the art of french cooking in 365 days (laugh, if you will), I will forever be a hero (in my own eyes, anyways).

So, I have 108 days to create a shop on Etsy. My shop will have handmade items: some clothing, accessories (including, but not limited to, earrings, headbands, belts), and handbags. I am a sucker for standout vintage pieces also, so I will include the occasional vintage item (if I find any that I can live without keeping in my own wardrobe, that is). I will have 30 pieces for sale with, at least, 10 items in backstock. So, 40 items in 108 days. If Julie Powell can cook 524 recipes in 365 days, then I can create/find 40 items in 108 days. I am sure of it.

The challenge begins tomorrow, so check back for what I hope to be more triumphs than defeats!

[credits to my big brother for the inspiration]

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  1. Awesome. Good luck ... I'll be watching.
    - Big Brother