Monday, March 14, 2011

Another Manolo to Love

"Good Luck"

My personal philosophy has always been that when it comes to art, if you have an immediate, visceral reaction to it, you should buy it. Indeed nearly all of the art in my house has gotten there via 'impulse' purchase, but I'm not ashamed! In fact, I like to credit my lack of self control for the eclectic mix of wall candy we have in our humble abode. There's the Moby Dick canvas I found in Boston for $40, the $3 mirror from Goodwill, the Flatiron print I bought one rainy day in Union Square... the list goes on and on. All equally interesting, and all purchased because 'I just had to'.

"Say Something Funny"

This morning I stumbled upon the fabulous work of Manolo Manero, and had that achingly familiar 'ohmygodihavetohavethisimmediately' moment. I never thought I'd see the day another Manolo would find his way into my heart, but when love happens, it happens. It's easy to see why:

"The Vision is Free"


We are officially obsessed. Check out more of Manolo's work on his site.

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