Tuesday, April 12, 2011

[HOH Feature]: House Tours

We're embarking on a new adventure!!!

We love decorating our houses and so, we obviously spend a lot of time doing so [generally over and over and over again]. Since our first joint post [just under 2 months ago], we've been hard at work, thinking of creative ways to share our favorite home design elements with you, our fab readers. 

Over some homemade pizza last week, we had a revelation [you know, like when a light goes off in your head]. This revelation, though, was a joint one. It was pretty awesome...and pretty annoying for our husbands [Tim and Tom - how fitting] to listen to, I'm sure. Here's how it went:

D: We need to find a way to do a sort of, ya know... house tour?
V: So we can show off our favorite pieces...
D: Yeah, like a countdown?
V: YES [we actually high-fived at this point]... and then we can list what we like from each OTHER'S houses!?
D: YES - we'll do a countdown over a series of a few days [I was stuck on this countdown thing, obvi]
V: YES! We are so awesome. [More high-fiving, a bit of jumping up and down - we're such losers].

So, over the next few weeks, you'll be seeing a series of posts counting down our top 5 favorite things in our homes, and our 5 favorite things in each other's homes - mostly because you'd be surprised at what other people love best about your place.

We're hoping that by sharing our most favorite finds, we can inspire you in finding that unique element you've been missing to give your space that little extra oomph.


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  1. yay! i love this idea! i just spoke to my fab photog abut doing a house tour this fall. so fun!