Tuesday, April 12, 2011

[House Favorite]: Five.

Miss Victoria:

This is my China Cabinet.
[I love it.]

It was the first piece of furniture my husband and I bought for our new house, which we closed on only 3 short weeks after our wedding. Having a china cabinet makes you feel grown up. My mom had one, and I remember ever-so-delicately opening it up to set the table for Thanksgiving dinner - when we were allowed to break out the good stuff.

When it came time to register for wedding gifts, I received some sage advice from a good friend - register for things you wouldn't buy yourself. So, I stuck with my gut and we registered for formal china - 18 place settings to be exact! People told me I was crazy, but I just couldn't help myself! And, of course, our fabulous friends and family did not disappoint - all in all we ended up with 16 place settings and all the accessories. Now we just had to store it! And so, my new hubs and I looked here and there, and finally found this beauty at a local antique shop [for less than $200].

I regularly switch out the inventory, featuring my grandmother's wedding china one month, those awesome mercury glass goblets I totally scored at Brimfield last summer the next month, and an endless array of seasonal knickknacks that probably go unnoticed to most, but make me smile nonetheless. It's the perfect medium to display the fruits of my tableware obsession, and I couldn't love it more.

And Dena:

This is my handmade farm table.

After endless searching online, at antique stores, yadda yadda yadda, I commissioned my father: good ole' Chuck, Charlie, Chaz Lampman.

I found the plans at Knock Off Wood, a blog dedicated to delivering construction plans for fan favorites, like pieces at Restoration Hardware and stores of the like [aka simple furniture at unreasonable prices]. These plans, found here, were fairly simple and I was sure my handy father could tackle the challenge.

And he did, 268 screws later. And then I stained it.

And I couldn't be happier. We sat 12 people at the table for Christmas Dinner. It was divine.

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  1. ooh! I love that table Dena! I have picture I took on my cell phone from an event I worked down in Groton Long Point of a table very similar to this that I dream of having some day :-) This table had saw horse style legs..but I will def. keep this (and the link for the plans) in mind for when we have our farm some day so that Eric can build it!