Friday, April 29, 2011

[HOH Glorious Friday]: Glorious Indeed

It's Friday.
That news alone is good enough to bring a smile to my face. But today, my friends, is a very, very special Friday.

The space shuttle Endeavor will be launching today for its final flight. What's more, Ms. Gabrielle Giffords is there to watch her husband fly off into the abyss. Remarkable, indeed.

My best friend's younger brother will likely be drafted into the NFL this weekend. I remember when we used to beat him up on the front lawn - I guess those days are long over. HOH is wishing you luck, Mr. Hurd.

Today marks the near end of my second year of studies at UConn Law - the end of what I hope to be the hard part - smooth sailing from here on out. I plan to celebrate by administering some swift justice in my final role as State's Attorney legal intern. Watch out bad guys, here I come.

And lastly, my boyfriend got married today. My boyfriend, and your boyfriend too in all likelihood. I remember swooning for Prince William as a young girl - he was so darn cute, just my age, and a [PRINCE] for goodness sake. What little girl doesn't dream of being a princess one day? And so for Kate Middleton this dream has been realized, and from where I sit across the pond, it couldn't have happened for a better girl - she's elegant, certainly stylish, and looks quite comfortable on the arm of HRH.
Congratulations to the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge; thank you for letting the world share in your fairy tale happiness on this most [Glorious Friday].

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