Friday, May 20, 2011

Glorious Friday: Weekend Warrior

As I sit contemplating my weekend I realize I have absolutely nothing planned. Nothing.

How often does that happen?

What to do?
I need to find some fabric to inspire my guest-bedroom makeover so perhaps I'll go fabric hunting?
Maybe I'll clean up the basement?
Organize my office and go through the stacks and stacks of paper that needs to be filed?
Perhaps I'll get a pedicure? Or have Dena teach me how to do it myself, she's good like that.
Maybe I'll finally clean out the closets and finally make that donation to Goodwill?
Plant my vegetable garden? Cut the grass?
Maybe I'll hit up the Saturday 8 am power yoga class I haven't been to in.... forever?

Or maybe I'll find a park with a swing like this one:
and just spend a few hours swinging to see how that feels.

Ah, Glorious Friday. The possibilities are endless.

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